Ranting About Banting

I am neither a Banter nor a non-Banter. I simply fall outside of the economical spectrum where diet can be chosen to that extent. However, I have a story to tell and those who wanted to lynch Tim Noakes should listen up. Also the Ocean View residents who think they are poor but can Bant – well, from my perspective, you live up on the posh hills of Skuldbult (think Hollywood.)

In July 2015, the specialist prescribed some medication for my diabetes. My body reacted and I had these symptoms:

  • no appetite for six weeks or longer; for five weeks I ate nothing at all
  • metallic taste in the mouth
  • all food tasted like sackcloth dipped in dish washing liquid
  • a terrible rash came over my body and I itched wildly all over
  • cold chills and fever – a few times, my body bent over backwards while I was in bed
  • semi-comatose & hallucinations

When i started eating by mid-August 2016, all I could eat:

  • red meat with no visible fat, mostly a lean beef burrger in the morning and another in the evening. tiny rations for a grown man
  • apples and bananas, one fruit every two hours
  • water addiction – no tea, coffee, soft drinks – I am a teetotaler anyhow so no alcohol either
  • no butter
  • no starch, cereals or grains thus no bread or potatoes, no rice, etc.

I list 22kg in total but I was bedridden and my wife brought home the food mostly, until around December 2015. Slowly, she started introducing all the wrong foods and I have again gained 5kg since. Also, the immense feeling of energy, health and wholesomeness has been replaced by a mild despondency, lethargy, malaise and now my body once again craves all the wrong stuff when it doesn’t get the good diet of meat and fruit. Oh, I also ate handfuls of tomatoes, raw so they were still alkaline. Tomatoes turn acidic when heated.

The answer is clear: meat contains fat and protein, apparently some critical elements in a Banting diet but i stand corrected. I am praying to be In a position where I can afford that good diet as I never felt so good in decades. I am in my mid-fifties and am partially disabled after a botched back surgery some 22 years ago, subsequent strokes and heart attacks and eventually also type 2 diabetes.

While on this beef patty & fruit diet, or just small portions red meat without visible fat, my blood sugar never went higher than 6.9 but the current grain diet takes it to between 9 and 11 nowadays. Bread spikes blood sugar much worse than even white sugar can. Bread is just poison and I find that wheat, corn, rye and the likes are equally poisonous.

If you can afford the bill, please do consider a Banting diet as the benefits are real and tremendous, even when done wrong as I did. For the record, i did not even know that I was following Banting guidelines very roughly until someone alerted me to just that. Call me an unintentional Banter.

Banting in the crudest form already did benefit me both mentally and spiritually. One is poor in not doing it. Just go Bant, will you?


8 thoughts on “Ranting About Banting

  1. Ek wens ek kan jou ‘n drukkie gee! Hoe werk eiers met jou? Dis soveel goedkoper, ‘n wonderlike proteïen en hoog in vet?

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  2. Drie outo-immuunsiektes waarvan ek weet. Eiers is iets wat ek net kan ek eet as kortisoon baie naby is, alhoewel dit my soms niks doen nie. Ander kere trek my keel toe of het dit bykans oombliklike effek op my maag. In my ekonomie boonop ‘n absolute luukse.


  3. Ek aanvaar dit so, jy sal mos die geste weet wat in jou liggaam werk of nie. Ek het gevind dat daar sekere kosse was wat ek voorheen nie kon eet nie wat nou, na twee jaar van Banting goed met my akkordeer. Sterkte vir jou!

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  5. Baie dankie, ek probeer my bes en sien uit na herstel ☺

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  6. So sit ek eendag langs ‘n reuse ou van Algerië. Hy’s oppad na ‘n sterkman kompetisie en dog ek stik toe die lugkelner ‘n vegatariese ete vir hom bedien. Ek vra toe hoe is hy so groot sonder vleis proteïne. Hy beweer hulle eet hulle so groot aan rys en dis hulle proteïn basis want vleis was onbekostigbaar duur. Interessant né…!

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  7. Jip. Maar hy moet dit ook weer wegwerk. En Afrika-rys is nie die veevoer wat ons in Sakkie Fantasties koop nie. Dis ‘n heel ander gewas.


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