How To Accept #Jesus

This is not a post for fundamentalists or theologians, but for regular people needing Jesus.

When in need of Jesus, when you need forgiveness and salvation, it is a good time to swop your will for His. In accepting Jesus, you undertake to do His will, not your own, from this point onwards. If you are willing to do this, pray this now in your heart or aloud, as you prefer:

“Lord Jesus, Creator of everything, in this moment, I repent from my sin and I accept Your forgiveness. I bow before You as my only King. From now on, I will pursue seeking and doing Your will and not mine. Fill me with Your Spirit and guide my every next step. Thank You for forgiving and accepting me. Amen!”

First thing you now do is to tell the very first person that you come across, what you have just done. Just do it.

Welcome in God’s Kingdom!


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