He Visited Heaven – It Is Real

About a year before I had my heart attack, a person unknown to me was involved in a car accident.  He died and his spirit went to be with Jesus, but he returned to his very broken and crippled body.  With him, little Aldo McPherson brought letters from Jesus and shared information about others that he, as a small boy, certainly did not have at his time of dying.

I would like to encourage you to read the story of Aldo McPherson as told by his mother, former Mrs South Africa, Retha McPherson.

Aldo came back to earth with a message similar to mine, that there are Christians going the wrong way after death.  I have experienced it myself but this is confirmed by this young man, who was a mere boy at the time.  His testimony is astounding.

My own NDE happened ten years after I was saved.  At the time, I was head of the senior Sunday school at my church, very involved with covert mission work to closed countries, sponsored missionaries and I was also very actively involved in Christian fellowship meetings.  I did not drink or smoke (but I do take responsibility for two beautiful children!)

This will most likely not fit with your religious views as a Christian, but I asked Jesus why I was going the wrong way after my spirit had left my body.  He gave me Matthew 7:21-23 to read, but it would take me another four years (at least) to fully understand that God’s will was universal to all of His true reborn children but that there is a very specific, many times unique will for each individual.  If He has called you to be a diamond miner in Africa, do not go to Indian in your own power to be this hot shot evangelist.  Do not pursue a career in medicine of he wanted you to build orphanages on the Congo.  Too many people, like I I used to do, are building their own careers, accumulating a retirement fund, own a holiday home, serve Jesus but never get to do what they are really called to do.

This is missing one’s target which is sin. Failing in one’s purpose!


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