Would God have been so angry……..

Many people choose to be atheists because of this rather violent, angry God we see in the Old Testament, they say. Then, many Christians read only what they like in the Bible, claiming there is only sweet love & grace in the New Testament. Perhaps they skipped a few verses, chapters or even a book.

Truth is, God appears to be violent. Remember Herod, Ananias & Sapphira? Temple cleaning? Revelation? Or that Jesus called Céphas (Peter) the Satan? Pretty nice.

Now the thing is this: right at the beginning, creation was good but man persisted over thousands of years to pull at the Lion’s whiskers. And expected purring.

How we treat God, how we treat His children, may very well define how nice He is going to be. That it had taken him two thousand years or so before even giving the Law, is already a sign of His leniency.

If only WE were compliant. 😨

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One thought on “Would God have been so angry……..

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