Salvation announced to Adam & Eve

An almost lost account of God’s love and grace somehow, by virtue of some theologians, never made it into the Bible. Well, is sad as it really tells of the remorse, despair and hopelessness of Adam and Eve. How the two sinners tried to commit suicide after God said that He would need to die for their sins. It is a heartbreaking journal of despair and home, yet also of the most romantic stance taken by God, firm in His resolve to set their record straight – and that of everyone who accepts and obeys Him.

Some time ago, I also posted on this and there is a link to the book containing this story in that post. I cannot link it for you as I can’t go online. Yet I urge you to read this remarkable account of Adam & Eve after they were evicted from Eden.

It really underwrites the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a significant way. It lends credibility, I wonder why the monks omitted it.

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