one size fits all 

Random testing among American school children showed they believed that the USA was the largest country in the world and that it had some 1.2 billion citizens. UK & European students were off by a factor of 2-3.

When I attended school in South Africa four decades ago, the average child could draw a world map, we could insert the states/provinces of most countries, as well as the capitals of each, their flags, their national leaders, populations and major produce. Without looking into a book! (Corporal punishment was an effective teacher.) Outcomes based education came in the 1990’s and “made our nation illiterate.”

Drawing maps and filling in detail as mentioned is advisable, as it is helpful in adult life, for people to understand and appreciate the global community when interacting with others in business, politics or even socially.

And you thought I would know Jack in Congo or John in Ghana because I live in Cape Town, South Africa, right at the bottom? 😂:mrgreen:😂


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