Negative People

How to Deal with Negative People – is the very worst advice from a registered psychologist.  

I will one day tell you about my past. Indescribable things happened at church, also at the hand of Christians. We lost everything, became homeless, soul damage to our children is permanent. Fot ten years, I needed to talk to a pastor about it but was refused. Telling my story branded me as a negative person. One to be avoided ay all cost.

An American Christian spent less than ten minutes with me, helped my snapped out of the prolonged stateof shock. She did not charge a fee. It was all I needed. If everybody follows the crappy advice in the linked post, many won’t be helped. The advice given in that post is best avoided, perhaps also the one who gave it. Is that how one builds a community?

What did Jesus do?  Negative people are hurting and shunning or rejecting them won:t heal them. Jesus did not reject them, He had compassion, healed them. Which is why I have always said it is better to take your problems to Jesus than to a shrink. Jesus loved you enough to die for you. The counselor does not carry your burden yet charge you a stiff fee. Jesus, instead, paid your full price in His own blood


3 thoughts on “Negative People

  1. I really like this post. I do feel as of now I feel negative around people. I’m pretty sure they are tired of me complaining about life ahah. 🙂 But Jesus told us to reach out to those people. If you think about it, everybody could use some Jesus love! 🙂 Nice post! It’s to hear that you are doing well! 🙂

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  2. Thanks…you are pretty more positive than m@ny 😊


  3. And, yes, we cannot just discard hurting people.


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