You write here. About cutting yourself, about your depression, or so many disorders, material lack, concerns, weariness. I feel like I could hug and hold you all. Take away your pain. But I cannot do it, my arms are too short. My heart is too small. Therefore, may our Lord Jesus hold you in His arms and provide in your every need, be it bodily or material, emotional or spiritual, in healing or comfort. I so wish I could do more for you, really be a good friend who could show how much I care.


6 thoughts on “Blessing

  1. May our Lord reach out to you, please read Ezekiel chapter four. It is available online for those who don’t have it.

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  2. Yeah thanks a lot. I will read it when I get home later. Thank you so much for encouragement. God bless!

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  3. Ja – soms as ons sien die “seer” by ander, wens ons rerig ons kon meer doen. Dan wil ons so graag Jesus vir hulle gee, maar wil hulle Hom ooit hê?

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  4. For the sake of the audience: I am disabled and an absolutely poor and needy missionary in a country where my skin colour keeps ?e from getting a job. I love Jesus but don’t understand why people want to win the world for Jesus if they cannot even love His existing children. Once we see their faith is meaningful, others will follow more readily. I live in Cape Town but my wealthy aunt and cousin kept my wife and I from attending my mother’s funeral in April. As indigent people, we don’t make the grade to be accepted by our fellow white Afrikaner. My IQ is above 130, I have a wealth of experience but get kicked out the back door. As a missionary, I see no love in Christianity, so then the Christian religion is a pointless, loveless beast. Jesus any time, but don’t bring crooked, dishonest reverends, pastors or self-righteous Christians near me. I answer in English for the sake of international readers…..also to blame & shame the self-righteous, hypocrite Afrikaners who claim to be a “Christian” people. Once they prove they are His children, I will change my pitch. Then someone from Japan thought missionaries live in comfort. We wear rags, are facing eviction, have no proper food. Now read Jeremiah 6:27-29

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  5. Yes – there is a big difference between a christian or a believer.

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