The thing with sin


Hug it, cuddle it, comfort it, pet it, stroke it, even covet it, lust for it.


Anything that comes in between God and you.  Anything taking you away from your purpose and calling.

Your relationship with sin is very important. As with anything else, whatever you spend your best time with, is going to become your preoccupation. To some it is a secret addiction, to others it is a more obvious thing such as the ball game or ranting about politics. Some of these things do have a role to play in our lives, but it starts getting a problem when its importance rises above a certain level.

Attitudes can be sin.  Unforgiveness, hatred, fear, anxiety, worrying. These are all a form of witchcraft, the experts have me to believe.

Did Jesus not worry at least a bit?  Hod did He sweat the evening before the crucifixion? We as a family are going through a rather trying experience right now. To say that I am jubilant and dancing in the streets like David did, would be a bit of an overstatement. Like a balking ass, I am forcing myself to praise God as the going really, really is tough. Have I gone down this road before?  A thousand times and every time the Lord came to the rescue, yet sometimes it did not go without sacrifice. Right now, our living space is in serious danger and my best efforts not to be concerned simply are not good enough.

Even so, praise the Name of Jesus as He is in control and He has a solution somewhere up His ample sleeve. Will I always love what he is going to do next?  Maybe yes, maybe no. We do not always get it our way.

I am wandering off, back to sin.  The little example, real-life case study with me as lab rat and scientist hopefully demonstrated how we as mere humans handle things.

We need to sue sin for divorce, take it to His court, get an eviction order. Like my landlady has in mind with me, as I am the sinner in her apartment right now, even though I cannot help it.

Some sins are not intentional.  Circumstantial is one way to describe it.  David wrote in the Psalms that Jesus only punishes intentional sin, not accidental ones. And also when we do not confess it. There is no conviction for those in Christ Jesus, unless you sin intentionally, that is. But by then, you are not in Christ Jesus.

Don’t keep sin as a pet. It doesn’t need a basket at your bedside or sit on your shoulder, so that you can become its parrot. Don’t buy it tinned food or a cutesy blanket.

Deal with sin. Evict it, get the pest control, fumigate your domain.

Sin cannot enter heaven. Do not bond with it, do not let it grow onto you, rooted into you. As come Heaven time, you will not be allowed in with it.

Sin is sin.

Just deal with it.

Get over it.












6 thoughts on “The thing with sin

  1. ” Sin cannot enter heaven. Do not bond with it, do not let it grown onto you, rooted into you. ”

    Thank you !

    Heading into my quiet chair to have some one-on-one time with Jesus to shed some negative emotions. Gonna ‘un-bond.’

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  2. What a good thing to do! I am on a deep path of repentance myself today. Be blessed on your spiritual growth path. 💕

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  3. Check out my post for today “How to Win the War.” I essentially lost today’s battle but I’m winning the war: because of your post and the encouragement of another blogger, I have rallied, given my negative emotions to Jesus, am practicing the presence of God, and slapping the face of the evil one…again. Thanks be to God and to God be the Glory.

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  4. Thanks, I will do so right away, see my battle in my post today on the authentic missionary, just below this one I think. Look in the side panel.

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  5. At we believe sin is S.I.N.

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