A former Muslim Sent Me This.

What follows below, is a direct quote from a Whatsapp message from a young brother. He is a former Muslim who had come to Christ Jesus some time ago. In doing so, his family rejected him, a very hard thing Muslims and also some Jews face when accepting Jesus. With his permission, i am posting this on my blog:

“I took a walk down the road of faith,

The walk is free for all and in Him in His will, walking with Him is His will, He always shows His presence.

When we drop what we doing and simply turn our face our hearts into His Direction .
Faith, Worship, Love and Peace

MAYBE you have another road to add please do THIS plan is God’s plan which in spirit I have assembled to be filled by His Ruach HA’KODESH

The life the way no man comes to the Father but through Jesus •

the main Rd or highway or national or let’s say space rd the milky way lol
like the universe has a map or galaxies has a map the Main road is Jesus the X mark is Jesus! Treasure map the Cross that’s the road for this road sign study …

lets pray it will only lead towards JESUS .
“The Way Study ” !

This study is meant to learn the way
there are many ways we come from we once believed in all sorts of things and ways cultures and traditions we have now broken that bondage let’s put on our full armour and commit ourselves ..

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Some say this is the most powerful or famous verse so as a book worm most importantly as a child of God; I open up I break into chapters with mind maps of definitions this verse through the guidance of the Holy spirit has inspired me and keeps inspiring me to look deeper than man’s understanding of who ABBA is what ABBA means; What would Jesus do man says, well the Holy Spirit has guided me to instead ask Who is Jesus ? ” the world the system be like Jesus is that or this or don’t even exist his a MAYBE HIS A PROPHET EVEN SOMETIMES CALL YOU A PUPPET,

When you are in fact it’s a fact you are His beloved His bride His reason for all of this we know this Love_
And keep maturing in it everyday —

all roads in this study will lead to Him, this study is meant to keep us fit as a body to be ready for when He calls us to that road where flesh no longer exists ..

This study only starts when you make the choice when we decide to get out of our comfort zone and find comfort from Him only, I also believe brothers and sisters that if we unite in His name possibilities are endless as it is written in Mat 18:20″


2 thoughts on “A former Muslim Sent Me This.

  1. Amen! Praise God for our brother. May our Lord continue to bless him!

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