to heal a nation

a rainbow nation, or so they say
a rainbow nation, such colourful clay
white and yellow
black and brown
the best in any town

black migrants moving south
wiping out the little brown ones as they go
across the ocean they come – the white ones
on ships painfully slow

where rivers converge, there is a maelstrom
turmoil where the oceans meet
blood in the river
cries on the street

settlers black and white
settlers come with all their might
settlers argue who is wrong, who is right
the bigger picture obscured in battle’s dust
a nation forged, a nation thrust

if only they denounced the fear
or buried the spear
went on their knees and prayed
instead thousands got slayed
rivers of blood into oblivion
carnage became our tradition
destiny thwarted by greed
jealousy the devil’s seed
violence became our creed
bloodshed indeed
blood in the street

many whites, at least among we afrikaners (or boere with a capital b) did not support apartheid on a racial basis but did so because we believed in liberty, freedom and equality. ever since karl marx, the atheist communist used the very last settlers in cape town, around 1853, to cause anarchy, riot violently and damage property, the whites – outnumbered 20:1 – saw they needed to protect minorities, including the indigenous brown people as well as the malay and asians, the semites and europeans. blacks are not indigenous to south africa, same as whites, as both came from the north. some came by sea, others came by land, but the indigenous khoisan found themselves outnumbered.

“Apartheid, at least in part, was the response of a tiny white minority to black racism”

te wealthy english were the first to introduce apartheid (segregation) when the first communists formed several societies that excluded all but white english-speaking people. the communist party was the very first to include racial segregation in a constitution. atheist communist karl marx lived in cape town in the mid 1800’s and his sister was married to jan juta, a lawyer and publisher. she was friends with olive schreiner, with whom she shared a lover called ellis, whose body was “like jesus” to them.

with keen foresight, proven correct some 160 years later by the unruling party, the minority of whites realized that minorities would be oppressed and that anarchists could come into power. in fact, the ruling anc, being communist in nature, had been teaching its followers to strike violently, to destroy and loot, to commit arson and be militant. the ruse has always been some sort of injustice, invented at times, but truth is that a reason would always be found to destabilise a country socially, economically and politically. the worker has always been used as an unpaid soldier, through the communist trade unions, without the worker realising, of course. the average worker believed the union to be his saviour while it was abusing him for ulterior ends.

when black communists were enticed into violent riots and strikes in 1853, it caused a most severe rift between black and white. the black workers who did this, cannot be blamed as, at the time, they were mostly illiterate and could not possibly understand. the blame must go towards karl marx and his wealthy cohorts who spread the bad gospel of atheist communism while being extremely wealthy capitalists themselves.

south africa was not a merely black <vs> white racial issue; it has been a fight between christ and satan all along and most of (we) afrikaners did not hate blacks, we did not want to fight them but we had to defend civilisation against the anarchy caused by the communist instigators and eventual dictatorship, as we see in the untouchable jacob zuma, state president and embarrassment to this nation. with forty percent of parliament being communist, and with a country failing fast, we can safely assume that the white elders were not too wrong in their expectation of majority rule under communist auspices.

then the british administered a brutal and severe genocide upon the white afrikaners but also wiped out thousands of blacks during the anglo-boer war, also known as the south african war, between 1899-1902. their concentration camps provided the model for hitler’s infamous auschwitz-type camps in which so many jews and others were tortured and killed, also the concentration camps used in the soviet gulag, the chinese torture camps, cuba and also here in africa, where nelson mandela’s anc had such camps across africa. yes, it started by the british and went all the way to nelson mandela and chris hani, the latter nicknamed “little mao” after the brutal chinese dictator mao se dung.

blacks and afrikaners responded to british oppression by forming nationalist movements. both claimed to be very christian but neither really displayed such qualities. if only they worked together in prayer……….where would south africa have been by now?

on december 16, 1838, a group of 470 afrikaner trekboere – includinf women and childrn –  (hence the nickname “boere” for afrikaners) and 128 others were attacked by some 20,000 zulu impi’s (soldiers.) the afrikaners prayed to god to save them and made a covenant with him that, should he deliver them, that day would be celebrated as a sabbath unto the end of days, to honour him. this was an important event, as only three afrikaners were injured and none killed while some 3,000 zulu’s died in the fierce battle. the importance is twofold: firstly, the zulu’s saw the power of god and, today, there are more reborn christians among zulu’s than there are whites in south africa! secondly, god demonstrated that he saved when approached in an hour of need.

south africa is in its hour of need. this country is on fire. schools, trains, farms, businesses, infrastructure, universities, art collections of great value, all these get destroyed because people have been trained to be destructive for 160 years now. this is especially so in black culture, because of communist influence, through instigators. left on their own, most blacks are just lovable, kind-hearted and friendly people. most of my friends are black for that reason. once again, communism raises its ugly head. read more about this destructive culture here and also here. read how nelson mandela’s violence gave rise to an estimated twenty thousand deaths – he was no mlk, not by a country mile.

the pro-nazi afrikaner, about half the afrikaner nation, added insult to injury, aided by some white english, when the 1960 referendum led to the apartheid state. apartheid means to be separate. verwoerd like hitler and mandela like stalin. both have their followers despite what the had done to humankind.

today, we have a nation of broken, hurting people, more racism than during apartheid, a failing state and an economy on a downward slide. a nation in turmoil, one in crisis, needing healing.

as for bad government, be it apartheid or the current reverse apartheid, one worse than the other, god laments that we appoint kings and princes he did not approve of, as we see in hosea 8:4

it is time to unite in prayer
it is time to humble ourselves in the presence of the creator jesus christ
it is time to repent from our past and our present sins
it is time to open up to true repentant revival, not charismatic fanfare
it is time to cry for help
it is time for a new covenant
it is time to become one in christ jesus
no religion, just jesus

this message needs to get out there
please support my ministry so that i can travel and call people up to prayer
to plead for unity in christ jesus
so that we can
heal this nation

in the power of jesus christ