Discerning The True Christian

Very neatly and concisely put, but a few comments from a leatherneck veteran:
1.  Genesis to Revelation is a journal of God’s failed plans, ruined by man. All is well only for those who live within His will. People take Paul grossly out of context. You may be doing the right thing right in the right way at the right time for the right reason, but other people in the process may err and ruin it.
2.   Jesus provides through people who ruin it if they don’t obey His Spirit. People around you should have been stoning you by now, with hard cash, gas, food, etc. Where are they, are they keeping God’s property to themselves?
3.  Praise Him through your storm. Even if you cannot, still do it.
4.  It isn’t what we want with Jesus. It is what Jesus wants with us, from us, for us.  His will be served,not ours. This crucial bit is the clincher here. 

Read In Situ – http://wp.me/p7Futr-ln for background. 


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