God’s Blue Eye Boy Get Spoiled

It is rated as the world’s most picturesque swimming pool. The promenade gets walked on by people from every continent. They come from afar to experience the sublime natural beauty of Cape Town.  (It is a good time to visit, if you are a foreigner, as the exchange rate really is in your favour and weather is exceptionally good for winter.)

We had the most lovely sunshine day, sniffing champagne air, which is how the salty freshness of the ocean fragrance is described with affection.

A most calm ocean after the recent storm. Two Egyptian geese swimming among the leisure craft, we saw mullet in the marina and dearest old Table Mountain treated us with a lovely, cloud-free display.

A tourist from up country needed directions and we took her on the bus, ensuring she gets off at the right stop. Along the way, a nice conversation ensued. Like ourselves, she does humanitarian work and comes down to Cape Town every three months or so. As it is whale season, she and her family are also going to visit Hermanus where there is a profound whale culture. Hermanus us a picturesque coastal town where tourists flock to experience especially the Southern Right Whales.

We had a small fillet of hake each for supper, a rare treat yet the fish was perfectly fried, just flaking nicely.  And so fresh I was surprised it wasn’t still swimming.

So, all in all, our Lord Jesus blessed us with yet another lovely day out.

A picture gallery to enjoy. (Click)





11 thoughts on “God’s Blue Eye Boy Get Spoiled

  1. I feel like I was there as well, and can nearly taste the fish! 🙂

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  2. I just added a picture gallery to the bottom of the post.

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  3. How BEAUTIFUL is Cape Town? So I decided to research for myself about the olympics in SA. And I learned that Africa is now the ONLY continent to NEVER host the Olympics. I did see that Cape Town did put in a bid for the 2004 summer Olympics. I guess the selection process is always so political. Personally, I stopped watching them decades ago because of the political nature….I loved watching them as a teen….I’ve never heard such negative hype over Rio, which I also don’t really watch the news. It just bleeds over into other news feeds and my son-in-law is a HUGE sports fan. So of course, he filled us in on some of the negativity.

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  4. I prefer Cape Town without games. It is good as it is.

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  5. The football was a FIFA invasion. We lost much even though we had little. They even sealed stock at our importers and we were limited in what we could sell. Several stores went bankrupt. We did not even have one but the games gave us a knock and we never recovered. We are just missionaries trying to pay our way but these external factors are killing us. Riots, strikes, trains set on fire, these things affect us as we have had no car for sixteen years, no paycheck all this time either. Olympics will just add insult to injury and ruin more lives. Today, I could take pics and share, pity I could not also capture the salty freshness of the ocean breeze and put that on the internet. It was divine. Such a perfect, peaceful day.

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  6. Then it’s a good thing Africa or Cape Town, hasn’t been exploited by the olympics!
    It’s just so sad what has been uncovered in Rio. Wonder how it’ll be afterwards.

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  7. I am totally out of the loop with Rio. I will need to google it.

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  8. My son-in-law had taped a story about the water pollution, how awful it was for the sailing I guess. And zika virus risk. Some athletes refused to go.

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