10 Of Your Blogs I Follow & Promote Randomly 

Today, I would just like to introduce you to a few other blogs, not that these are necessarily the best (I don’t discriminate) or the most popular, but just a random selection.  I cannot always list all blogs I am following but here goes today’s list.  Do consider visiting them, as there may be something of interest to you.

The Mustard Seed Budget

A nice blog about living life to the fullest, of reaching out to the lost. A community builder of note; pro-active, positive, a modern-day Paul if you like.

Raising Awareness of Genocide in South Africa

The plight of a people who had been facing oppression by majorities since the late 1500’s, yet the world misunderstand their fight for survival.  Interestingly, on a parallel with Israel and also the only other nation on this earth who has a covenant with God.

All Out War

An artist’s take on the battles of life. An interesting array of thoughts, musings and ideas from the pen of a blossoming writer, but also photographer who has a few notes to spare. More than meets the eye.

Martha L Shaw

Poet, author and artist in Love with the Lord. Quality posts, rationed in bite-size.

Song of Virginity

A blog every child aged 11 or older should read, boys and girls. And all parents.

Beauty Beyond Bones

A beautiful picture of life developed in the dark room.  This blog will cut deep into your soul, do not miss out!


Favourite coffee dispensing and apple picking from the orchard of deep insight and wisdom.

Daily Manna

Heart of Worship community.  Most posts by the eloquent yet forthright Marandia Wright. This is perhaps the purest teaching on the Internet today.

The Life Project

Don Merrit, the man with the best sight around here, shares what he sees from life, Jesus and shares the adventures of Paul in a new package. A weekly photo and some personal musings round off a nicely balanced blog.

Lynn Thaler

An easy reading blog, sharing everyday life events and impressions, with nice photo’s.

Enjoy reading!







7 thoughts on “10 Of Your Blogs I Follow & Promote Randomly 

  1. Thanks Pete!
    I hope my blog can live up to your praise.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dankie hiervoor! Martha L Shaw het dadelik my hart gevang. Jammer ons kan nie ‘n paar Afrikaanse blogs kry met dieselfde … diepte?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ek het probeer en geen lesers gehad nie


  4. Ek soek gereeld, maar ja … vind nie. Jou blog het my gelukkig paar konneksies gegee.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Baie dankie! Ek gaan dalk dit op Blogger doen, wat dink jy?


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