Cavemen Unite

A Photoless Past – I have a photoless past. No pics of me walking like a question mark. Hardly able to erect myself onto my hind feet. No pics of my kids growing up. A gaping hole in history. Then BBB posts this and I can relate, realising that we belong. Belong to the CCC. Converted Cavemen Club. Crafted in secret, in a dark cave, developed in a dark room. The only light a red one, like battle stations in a submarine. 

She wrote this “Fr. Mike Schmitz (the great:) ) once said, “Jesus does His best work in caves.” Obviously, referring to the cave where He rose from the dead, but it’s true: that was in a tomb with a boulder rolled over the entrance. It was dark.

A dark period.

And well, you know what happened” click the link above to read her post


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