Speaking Tongues

It was around March 1986 when His Spirit really took control of me and turned my structured, organised lifestyle upside down. He called me as a messenger to the church, to a rebellious people, whom He said I should not even pray for as He would not listen. I thought it was harsh, unloving and contentious. He said they would not listen, yet I was the sucker for punishment who had to go preaching, teaching, correcting, calling to repentance timely and untimely.

Like Ezekiel, I had to eat sh*t. (The Bible is rather direct on that!) And I had to lay on my side (Ezekiel) with my face to the wall. For fifteen years (Hezekiah), so that He could correct me, prepare me, heal me and turn me into the person He wanted me to be. Yes, He said, He’d made me brazen and bold, so I won’t flinch when the rebellious came against me.

As, for fifteen years, I was either crippled or hardly mobile and needed an aid to walk. To this day, my left leg and shoulder are always numb as a result of being on one side!

Came they did. In robes. Or, surrounded by robes, half naked, with candles burning and music playing, yet they came. They hit me on the jaw for speaking Truth, they put me in chains, took my possessions, left me homeless and destitute.  Even then they traced me through my email headers, through triangulating my cell phone signal illegally – but the Satanist pastor and his hacker friend were eventually silenced by a magistrate.   Not that the persecution ended.

They floated into my harbour, selling books and religious dogma, yet not a mention of the Name of Jesus!

Pride is what make them judge others, demand much, tolerate nothing.

Satan tried to silence me through a moderate stroke in 1995 or 1996; not sure of the year now. Most likely 1995. I went to heaven and returned with a message. But I could not speak, as for cerebral damage caused by stroke. Then speech returned, slurry and sloppy. Even today I am more spitting cobra than man and it makes me feel bad about myself, not being able to control saliva and speech simultaneously. But the Lord improved my speech, so my tongue not be silenced. This is what He had called me to, yet the culto religio wants to silence me, say I talk too much.  There will come a day, when they will cry out: “why, lord, did you not send a messenger?”  Then, He will answer: “remember that annoying Pete who talked too much?”  The Pete who loved you so much that he pleaded to come back to life so that he could warn the reborn Christians who thought “once saved, always saved” is true, so that they can do as they please?

Do you know, that in my house, we do not go to the store to buy what we want, but that we pray over every purchase? Even a simple loaf of bread does not come without His approval! How many decisions do you make on your own?  In how many do you seek His guidance?

So, the academics tell me that they can use their own intellect. Which is why my IQ of well over 132 is sufficient to let me realise that He is a tad more clever than I, than He can spot a parking space already while I am fifteen minutes away, even keep it obscured to other drivers in a congested city until I show up!  Yes, I see his timing in traffic lights, in elevators, I experience His presence as I go.  Thank You, Lord, for having made me intelligent enough to see that You are just so much smarter than I ever thought I was…..

I do not whine about food in a restaurant or at home, as I was raised to appreciate what I have. To top it all, I was so hungry during my tour of military duty, a two-year conscription, that saw me weigh 47kg by December 1980. Famined.  I would be hungry many times after, yet I also know that hunger is a more wholesome sensation than overindulgence.

I became naked (Jeremiah) and went around broke, penniless, helpless, depicting how others will still become materially but also how they are already spiritually. Naked, in shame, yet they are proud to be explicit. Their day will come and their blood will not be on my hands as I did my duty. Ezekiel 33.

People demand, people judge, people desire, people speak in tongues but live carnally.  Hedonism is their true faith.




Those are my judges.

Have pity.

Their day is coming!

(Which explains why, like Jesus, I really am more comfy around folks having a beer, smoking a joint, I lived among prostitutes and had no trouble from any of them, ever! But church is a Cathedral of Contention, the Bastille of Bitchiness, the Abbey of Animosity, the Dungeon of Demons.)  Which is why Jesus, in His typical radically direct, forthright manner, had something of real value to say to the culto religio.

Were they there, Jesus, when You showed me the real hammering of a foot long, blunt nail into Your hand?  Were they there, Jesus, when You appeared to my to prove their altered Bible and ill-conceived dogma wrong?  Like Job, Jesus, my eye has seen You!




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