Jesus! Meet Jesus!

“Paul said……..”

This is how the average Christian starts a sentence. Much of modern Christianity has Paul, a mere human, as the pivotal figure. I am no critic of Paul, to the contrary, yet what people make of him is perhaps not what Jesus intended.

Recently, I came across various evangelists and even missionaries who had very limited or even no knowledge of how Jesus conducted Himself, or what His words were while upon this earth in human form.  It seemed odd, in a peculiar way, that one would leave home shores, set sail and go on a two year cruise around the globe to proclaim someone you know nothing of.  Someone who you only know of by virtue of one person, basically, that person being Paul, of course.  It reminds me of church people who ask about me, solicit opinions of so many who had never set foot in my home, yet advise others on the unsuitability of yours truly for “temple service.”

Hearsay being reliable evidence, admissible in Christian Court.

I have ventured out some time ago and started entering every word Jesus ever said, as far as we know, into a parallel journal spanning four columns, one for each Gospel, plus a fifth for perspective or context.  The Jesus that I had rediscovered, proved to be vastly different from the one so loved and proclaimed by regular Christianity.  His conduct seemed remote from the perceptions people have, which should not be surprising, yet this had taken me off-guard completely.

My proposal is that every truth-seeking believer start out doing as I had done; I am yet again going to do this, to record His words in an entirely new journal, for renewed perspective.

It is Jesus, not Paul, who I proclaim as Paul, respected gentleman as he proved to have been, failed in a few things. He was not described in Isaiah 53, nor does Isaiah 9:6 refer to Paul as my Father.  It was not Paul who died for me on the cross and, last time I checked, he also did not rise to bring me eternal life. It was not Paul who transcended into heaven and returned in Spirit.  Paul did not forgive my sins, either.

The honours go to Jesus alone.

Jesus, being the Everlasting Father, the Mighty God, the Creator, is at least one step above Paul. It would have been nice if sentences started with “Jesus said…..”




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