Failure is Your Choice Only

It is not about me, but about the Awesome Awethentiq Jesus. The Real One.

My presence here serves one purpose, to take you out of religion and into Jesus.


Have you find your life purpose, your calling, your destiny yet?  Do you realise that you arrived here in human form to change this world into a better place, that you have been given gifts, talents, a latent potential to equip you for that?  Are you using it as intended, are you answering to the call?


Photo by Christelle Scheepers, Cape town

If you are not following your destiny, your designed purpose, you are failing in who you are called to be. Now that is what sin truly is. Standing in your way, in His way? Got your wheel clamped, sin recorded like parking tickets on the driver window?  How about coming clean, starting a new life?

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