Testing Your Submission To God 

as posted by Marandia Wright

“He is not only our father but also our Lord and Master. We know that God will do great things for us but how often do we do great things for Him? I tell you a truth that the only great thing we can do for God is obey. When we mature spiritually (though He will always be our Father and God), we grow up, submit to His will and wisdom and He becomes our “Master“.

So here is your test. For the next two weeks in prayer address Him as “Master” and examine your heart as you do. Is it difficult at all? Does pride rise up as the devil tells you that you don’t have to do that? Is there a resistance in your heart to someone being your “Master”? Even if that someone is God? Or does it humble you and make it even easier to seek and receive His instruction, direction, and correction as you surrender to even greater submission to His Deity and Lordship then ever before? Does it give you more resolve to obey His commands? Does your heart react to it with the emotions of a prideful child or with humble maturity befitting a soldier of the Lord?

We never need to stop calling to our Father in brokenness, nor cease to bow before our God in reverence, but let us also never neglect to hearken unto our Master in obedience. For this is the mantel of maturity that we all should attain too that we be found fit for the Masters service. How can we expect Him to call us to service if we won’t even call Him Master? Everyone wants a savior but no one wants a Lord.”. 


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