Five Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

Paul urges us to practise our gifts, we read in Exodus 35:30-35 how the Spirit of God equips us with such, endows us with latent potential. I like writing raw, off the cuff, but it sometimes becomes sloppy. All is good while it is coherent, I do spell rather well but my typing is less pure. When Type Oh!’s obscure the meaning, we produce garbage and we should not be presenting that to others. To help me with my aphasia, I would have loved someone to help me proof-read but no volunteers came forward after years of asking. Maybe this post could be helpful to me and then some.


I was an awful writer for the first 15 years of my life. Moreover, even today, I often find myself foiled by (my lack of) self-confidence and, thus, reluctant to publish anything—e.g. this post. When I was young, I wasn’t the adored, ideal kid who sat in the corner reading Mark Twain. I truly despised English class. I’m a lefty (which, as all lefties know, makes relentless writing horribly painful), my handwriting made (and still makes) me look like the long-lost spawn of Satan, and I could never find a way to capture in tangible reality the inert ideas I imprisoned in my head. In fact, before high school, I only wanted to contemplate math problems and explore geography and history; English was the class period for which I allocated my zone-out, be-ADHD-and-think-about-stuff time.

But people change; I learned how to cultivate my interests and channel them through writing, which I personally…

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