Procrastination Killed The Cat

A true story:

God told a missionary to wait at the quayside for the ship to depart; He would send someone with the travel fare. The missionary obeyed, the ship could not wait longer and departed. It was the missionary’s absolute last chance to go to that remote island nation.  The next day, the wealthy procrastinating friend showed up, apologized for procrastinating and gave the missionary the exact amount in cash – but a day late.

It was too late, his mission was ruined and thousands of people God wanted to reach, were now without a messenger with the Good News.  We see this sad situation from Genesis to Revelation, all the many failures by man.  No, it does not work together for the good as that verse only means that things work right for those who obey His Spirit.

Question:  when I step outside of God’s will, how much damage do I do to others? How much do I sabotage God’s kingdom?  Read Genesis – Revelation for many case studies.)

They say that all works well in the end – not it does not.  It only works well when you are serving His will. That is why Jesus said what He did, brought a different gospel in Matthew 7:21-23.  “God is in control,” we say, yet we forget that He manages by proxy, having appointed us as His agents.   In that sense, it is very much up to us to see that His will gets done.


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