How2ReL8 No Gender Roles

We met in 1986, married in 1987. Like myself, she can build, weld, fix things around the house and I would say she is more practical than I am. However, I am the one holding various technical qualifications.

Wayy back, in more carnal days, we both enjoyed watching car rallies.

Where I found the love of my life.

I could bake a cake years ago, I can cook a solid meal, I can do laundry, clean the house, do the dishes and used to iron my own clothes before I hurt my spine.

Being together

There are no gender roles. In heaven, we won’t be male and female. Okay, so on earth as it is in heaven…..we are just equal. I am the man, who is priest & prophet, role playing the Father in Heaven as is His design of marriage. She is the woman, the soft, loving one who cares for her family, thereby displaying the qualities of the TRUE bride of Christ. Priest & prophet = job description, not a position to lord over anyone in a regimental way.

Every morning, I get breakfast in bed, even if our budget only allows a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of oatmeal porridge. (Bob Marley, take note.) She waits on me, hand on foot, while I kiss her feet.

No job is the man’s job or the woman’s job. Our money has now owner other than Jesus; we ask Him before spending a single cent. I don’t have my money and she hers.

If we both don’t agree on doing something, then we don’t. I am no weakling and can take strong leadership but I am not a drill sergeant and she is not my recruit.

She is my LOVE that I take with me through life. My equal partner.

My heart jumps with joy when I see her.

I really love her, three decades later!

May this inspire you!


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