The Unknown God

The Latin term for it is ad nauseum. Ceaselessly, these memes float by in a neverending stream. I am not even sure kids should be seeing it, as it is a rather graphic display of violence. Gross.

Jesus died for me“. Apparently, as far as Christianity goes, that is where it ends. I hear them proclaim a very dead Jesus and then their powerless faith prove them right.

I came visiting Christianity and looked at your objects. Your memes. I can see that you are very religious people but that you have many statues, memes for the Deceased God. You invite others to agree, then to type “amen” and share. You want others to see that your God is dead now.

I see this everywhere, all day long, so I decided to introduce you to the Living God, who apparently still is the Unknown God.

The Living, Risen, Resurrected Jesus

After much consideration, deep contemplating, I came to the conclusion that a dead Jesus would be of little value to me. My apartment is small. Keeping an embalmed body at room temperature will be tricky for space alone, but I also live in a country with the most sunlight per day. I do not have air-conditioning, either.  I woulf have to let go. Find closure.

That would mean The End. 

My daughter used to accompany me to meetings. Afterwards, she would describe what each attendee had worn, even what pen, smartphone or laptop each was using. She also could report on the discussion, who said what, giving her impression of attitudes displayed. Oh, the shoes. She did not miss any detail there, either.

Women are observant. Their sensory perception is well developed. The maternal instinct is programmed to assess the environment. My wife immediately sense when I am feeling a bit off-ish. Women do not miss detail.

Now I ask you this. The Jesus that people print on memes, looks a bit better than the real one. An athletic build, handsome face, which already contradicts the Bible. Much blood, yet little is done to show that He was unrecognizable, flesh torn from Him. Brutalized unrecognizable.

I cannot even imagine how disgusting it must have been to the onlookers.  After three days in the tomb, He should have been looking much worse. His closest friend does not recognise Him, thinks He must be the gardener. She knew Jesus, she knew every facial feature, also how disfigured He was when she put Him away.

He stands in the garden. Not a scrape, no wound, no blemish. Not even a zit. A face has never seen before. He must be the gardener. Yeah, right.

Others also did not recognize Him. Why did nobody recognise Jesus?

The Bible says He appeared in a different form. It furthermore refers to His glorified body. Altered. Changed. Unrecognizable.

Blessed Beyond Recognition.


4 thoughts on “The Unknown God

  1. Love that one Pete. Plus, a lot of people forget Isaiah 53:2, ‘ He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.’

    I think this means we need to toss the Brad Pitt image of Jesus! Scripture says it right there, he was not attractive! And that was before the cross!!!

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