His Word

Someone recently posted a very rude meme on social media about a certain new Bible translation, condemning the chief translator to hell, or something like that.

Calling that Bible Satanic.

As a diabetic with high blood pressure (and too much coffee that week) I could feel how I was about to faint from shock. It was re-posted by someone I have been following for well over a year now; someone I never associated with such animosity, such bitter hate.

He made a very firm assertion about his preferred translation being inerrantly breathed and 100% accurate. Factual evidence, heaps of it, prove him wrong, of course. A career in forensic auditing at my local flavours of IRS and DoD trained me to consider facts only, working from source documents. Even the most cursory inspection had put his pet book at risk.

An understatement.

What people adamantly believe and vociferously proclaim does not make it any truer. Facts are just facts. People are lazy to read, lazier when it comes to studying what is presented on a platter and totally not diligent when called to actively do proper research.

My old friend stepped into that deep pothole in the road.

Perhaps he also should return his to the bookstore, as it seems that 1 Corinthians 13 is missing there.  Or so it would seem.  He did manage to get to the first ten commandments, but not to the second ten, or the other five in between.

Or the important two that Jesus gave. 

His own pet Bible was not even translated from the original languages and about 80% of it really is based upon the work of a certain sect he is very much opposed to. Then the 100,000 errors that had necessitated many revisions, escaped his otherwise acute attention to detail.

I find this intriguing.

As I am not here to criticize, I will refrain from pointing out intentional errors in the form of omissions, additions, deletions and alterations that had led to blasphemy, also changing Christian doctrine fundamentally, to the point that we generally resist and reject what the first believers and apostles had taught. Yet we are happily content in our innocent oblivion.

I think Paul said something about condemnation here.

Now, one of the most condemned Bibles, much more modern, is the product of thousands of highly educated translators, from different denominations, Bible societies, theological universities from around the globe. They used the original languages, compared more than 5,800 documents for the New Testament alone and produced a masterpiece that is both easier to read and much more accurate. It also omits the added texts, which I am glad about. It never was part of the Bible to begin with and adding it was a contravention of God’s Law in the first place. We have more modern forensics and much better educated translators. Time to move on.


Now the clincher: whether we read the Tyndale or the Geneva, which powered the Reformation, or whether we read the latest translations, we must bear in mind that God breathed in Hebrew, not in English, if He breathed a Bible at all. English would come only a few thousand years later.

I have some 27 Bibles in different languages, either in print or in electronic format. Each and every one teaches that we are all sinners and that Jesus is our only Saviour. Not one of my many Bibles fail in that.

So, instead of fighting about which English Bible is correct, rather thank Jesus for having His Word in almost 600 languages, in full, and almost 2,900 languages in part.

Imagine a Moroccan or a Zulu or a speaker of Höch-Deutsch having to be condemned only because he could not read ancient Elizabethan English. Ludicrous, right?

Jesus Christ is the Living Word, He is my most perfect translation of God. 



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