Awethentiq B-ing

There is this cheeky geeky chick on a blog who writes off the cuff, shoot from the hip. More coffee, more eloquence. She likes it raw, she says. No embellishment, no curly word art, just as it flows from her little heart. A bubbling fountain, from which fresh water flows. No pretense. Let’s hope that she does not get so broken in life that she withdraws behind a curtain like so many do in the end.

The Internet is here, she says, where we can be what or who we want to be. I could choose to have been a sexy 18-year old blond chick, disguising who I am – a greying grandpa with a little Sahara desert at the top, where ’nuffin’ grows. Even my true surname is not fully disguised as my surname is not true yet it is no lie, either. It is just another full truth, one any Scandinavian can figure out.

Jesus went to the feast in secret and so am I doing here, following His instruction, not just my own suggestion. Even so, I believe in authenticity and therefore even my chosen moniker remains the Truth. Even if my birth certificate disagrees.

My heart, my soul, my ups and my downs, what you see here is just me. Raw, not even always peeled.

I am AWETHENTIQ® which is my way of summarizing myself in honest Truth.

My moniker aside, like Sayl (click to read) says it, raw is how you get me. I think there are too many pretenders out there, too many who appear as they are not – well-groomed, hidden under layers of cosmetic changes that go far beyond a powder brush. Little clichés, mannerisms, nuances, attitudes, body language that bury them deep under layers and layers of deception.

Editing a blog post is like hiding sin, hiding weakness, hiding who we really are. As it is no sin to have a weakness, my own being an impoverished evangelical Christian missionary who went to church, put money in the box and was rewarded with PTSD on my way out. Churches are not always what we believe them to be, just as people are not always who we believe them to be. Some, just some, really are the synagogue of Satan where the believers think they are the true spiritual Jews, but are not.

Some blog to vent, others to find an audience, there are even a few trying to make a few bucks. As for me, I am here to bring a way of Salvation, a path to eternal Life. I do not want to be pretentious, as I am not going to lure you into the next life with candy.

The Lord Himself educated me for doing this. It was no easy apprenticeship, but a desert crawl through a wasteland of animosity, rejection, even open persecution. Still skittish, especially when it comes to a church. If you are one of the disillusioned, I feel your pain but I also know the way out of it. I know your hurt as I carried it in me for long. I can REL8 2U simply because I’ve been there, done that. My apprenticeship taught me practical Christianity, not the much misaligned academic quasi-religion many follow. Really, I do not mean to be harsh or to offend, but the Truth will most likely hurt some. It means you need further instruction, renewed growth (or, a first growth season for some.)

Jesus arrived on a donkey and so do I. No fiery red Mambo Jambo Lambo, no fancy suits, no five private jets or sanctuaries to die for, no carefully manicured hairstyles or those animated smiles. Bear with me, live with me, follow my blog and I am sure that there will come a day when I can give you guidance, from a simple oven-tested real-life experience with Jesus Christ to the table set for you.

Every reader is encouraged to be authentic, as that is what attract people most. For a second opinion on being just who you are, please read Sugar Sweet & Raw

Be blessed beyond recognition
– John 20:14-15 (read that in your Bible or online)


6 thoughts on “Awethentiq B-ing

  1. I love your post! I am amazed that you can come up with many..many creative words to decribe things. 🙂 is the post you are in challenge for? It’s really creative and eye catching! I love it! How you relate to Jesus. Thank you so much for credibility!

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  2. It is sort of what has been on my mind for a while but also as a response to your challenge. Because of it being Awethentiq I did not present it as only a response to your very welcome challenge. But it is in part that as well. Playing with words is a gift from God that I like to use to add some spice to life with. Thanks for your kindness!

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  3. Ahhh…I enjoyed reading it! I loved it! Thank you for sharing! Spice…it’s right word I was looking for! That in fact is hard for me to do. To add, “spice,” to my work. Usually it’s just big and unique words. That is a wonderful talent you carry. I enjoy reading all of your posts because they catch my eye. Good work! Love love Love it! Thank you! And welcome. 🙂

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  4. Big words are used by small people with bad self-esteem to hide their pride by revealing it. I think your posts are laden with natural flavour, do you need spice? That won’t be authentically you, would it?

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  5. Naw, I’ll just keep it the way I usually write it. It’s more of me. Using spice wouldn’t be me. So, I’ll stick to my talents. 😀

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