A SundA Testimony

(wi write Sunday with a wi?) 😀

An early morning phone call calls us away from a nice, warm bed on a very cold Sunday morning. It is a customer of my wife, calling for an item to be delivered. We get dressed, take the goodies and walk the mile. All the trouble for not even three US dollars! Along the way, I think someone down in Antarctica left the fridge door open. Or polar bears must be around in the frigid morning air.

At the customer, the business is done swiftly. Customer buys what she wants, then the usual happens. Time for Christian witnessing and testimony. The customer, manager of a famous fast food outlet, is in tears. Jesus is in her heart!

Now that is called profit!

Two cappuccino’s on the house, then we go, a job well done. We are now parents of another we did not share DNA with.

Take Jesus to the market square, the most needy audience is there, as far as spirituality goes.

Be blessed beyond recognition!


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