Too Scared Of Church

Our family got so hurt there,  sustained so much damage,  that we are too scared to go back there.  It happened more than once and we lost everything,  became homeless.  Now we are rejected for being too poor for them!

#Jesus #Church #Love


5 thoughts on “Too Scared Of Church

  1. Ehh… Wondering if I want to know more about this… or if I want to be an ostrich and stick my head in the ground.. Seriously, this happened? “Too poor for that particular church”?

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  2. It happened a couple of times, not just once. Not all churches are like the one we read about in Acts chapters 2 & 4.😨


  3. Ostriches do not stick their heads into the ground, I know them well as they are indigenous where I live. It is a myth just as it is a myth that every church is the house of God. Only a church where there is love, unity, His Spirit flows, the needs of its members met, well that is a house of God. Many, many churches are just social clubs of thinkalikes.

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  4. Wow! The real church is the body of Christ. I’ve had my “seriously challenging” experiences as well.

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  5. Be blessed beyond recognition, what you said is so true! Thanks for commenting and following.

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