Idiocracy – The Illiterati Explained

We get MEME-fied! I tecently posted on LinkedIn on the unity of believers in Jerusalem. Educated people holding prime jobs then argued about Paul and Peter’s disputes in Antioch. Last time I checked, it was quite a distance between Yerushalayim and Antiogus. Also, possibly decades in between the events as described in the Acts and Paul & Peter’s divisions (caused by Gentiles, which was what I was getting to) but none of the educated did notice. One boasted being a very analytical engineer, another a software systems analyst. Neither have discernment. To them, Antioch must be the same place as Jerusalem. And the New Testament happened on the same day. I call our generation the Illiterati.

America was first with outcomes based education, creating a generation of people who know nothing but who are much opinionated. The rest of the world dutifully followed this devolution of mankind.

Dumbass idiots we become in the global village, everybody trying to be chief village idiot, with papers to prove it.

Lynn Thaler


Idiocracy is a comedy film, but it also terrifying.  Whenever ignorance or stupidity is glorified, I think of this movie.

If you haven’t seen it, the basic premise is our society keeps getting dumber and dumber.  Eventually, humans are facing major economic disaster and the destruction of civilization.

At the end of the movie, the main character tries to persuade people to make America great again by becoming smarter.  He encourages them to learn and to read.

We can do that now.  Let’s make America great again by educating ourselves and our children.  Also, it would be great if we stopped celebrating stupidity.

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