283 Things In The New Testament

Jesus did it.

The Apostles did it.

283 times, they quoted directly from the Old Testament.

It is not obsolete. It is the root, the foundation, of the New Testament.

A good read, one that brings me closer to God.

It will be doing the same for you if you let it.


Ten Commandments


6 thoughts on “283 Things In The New Testament

  1. Very important 🙂 but has to be read with great study and carefully being guided by the spirit.

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  2. The same goes for NT; it cannot be understood without His Spirit. 1 Cor 2


  3. The NT really is an “explanatory note” of the OT, especially to Gentiles but also Jewish diaspora, telling what happened in Jerusalem around Jesus and just putting it into perspective with the OT. Sadly, folks take, for example, what Paul wrote to the Galatians, turning it to new laws – while teaching we are not under the law. Few NT Christians really understand what they read, in the context that it was written.


  4. I think we all need to study the Old Testament and the New…. Jesus is my Saviour, He is Lord….He died for us and I love GOD in Jesus name I always pray… Lately I’ve been praying for the Lord to use me…I want to be a better servant… I pray for ppl I love and people I’ve never met. I have helped people who need it and I don’t ask….I’d want someone to care about me and guide me towards the Lord…. I’m still reading the book of John powerful!

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  5. Paul called the Old Testament “inspired Scripture.” (The New Testament would not come into existence until centuries later!) The New Testament’s job is to tell people about the events around Jesus, explain the Old Testament (Tanakh) to the non-Jews (Gentiles) and then it added Revelation which is a book of its own. The Tanakh includes the Torah (books of Moses) and the Prophets. Remember how Jesus referred to the Law & the Prophets? Now that is the “inspired scriptures” He was referring to. The Old Testament does what the NT does not, which is to reveal the Father heart of God. It also show how Love=Righteousness=Love. If we only dig around in the NT, we never get to understand this, we risk becoming followers of Paul and not Jesus. Because of some misunderstanding of the NT, Jesus is not see even for Who He is, by so many modern Christians. Our doctrine differs vastly from original in Jerusalem. John is a most awesome book to read and there are hidden truths, sitting really obvious but few ever see it. More on that in a year or so, as not all people can handle the actual truth. We are so conditioned by our tradition that reality scares people, shocks them. John does an excellent job and it is a good book to use when introducing someone to Jesus.


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