Speak Life! Proverbs 18:21

Years ago, I read a book by Don Gosset, about getting what you are testyfing to verbally.

More recently, I came across the excellent post by SaylwithPens that I am reblogging here.  However, the story does not end there as the real gem lies in the most powerful testimony of Retha McPherson, formers Mrs South Africa, whose son went to heaven after a gruesome car accident.  It is a testimony every person should read, so powerful that it can change your life into one of Life!

Read about how Aldo McPherson went to heaven and wrote letters from Jesus. Click on the link. 

You now have two links to follow, remember!


Hey! It’s Friday! Since it’s Friday, I’m going to post something pretty cool. -Our Furnace died -Our air conditioner died -Our kitchen needs a new remodel -Our old deck was rotting so we’re building a new one. -One of our bathrooms are leaking. All in less than 5 months. Okay, maybe not so…cool, but that […]

via Maybe? — SaylwithPens


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