In Go(o)d Time

So we had a meeting with a client at a little bistro at 10AM today. I was up and about by 5AM, as I am never late and an incurable workaholic, my work being to be eloquently working on other’s nerves. We were at the railway station even before 8AM but the train just did not show up.  Oh, there were a number of them going in the opposite direction, of course!

However, we planned to be early and wanted to first meet with a client elsewhere prior to this big meeting.

We made it just in time for the meeting and later went visiting the other client, only to find the street cordoned off. So our client told us that the local flavour of FBI / Gestapo / KGB did a sting and caught a crime syndicate. There were cars standing about, embellished with 9mm bullet holes. Also, some buildings were showing the typical pock marks of a shootout.

We were being delayed early this morning for our own protection. I have seen this kind of protection so many times over the past thirty, forty, fifty years, yet this morning was a refresher course in treading water at His pace, for one’s own benefit.

In a similar manner, we were kept safe from a rioting crowd later today.


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