God Ain’t Doin’ No DHL

In  my youthful arrogance and lust for superior blessings, I could not shut my trap soon enough and, unthinkingly, asked God for a list of freebies:

  • unequaled wisdom, making Solomon looking like a first grader
  • superlative faith, second to none
  • patience that may may dearest old Job look like he had ADHD
  • make me the man you want me to be regardless of the cost, giving Him a rather blank, signed cheque! (driving on a narrow, twisty mountain pass with steep, thousand foot cliffs in torrential rain, with my eyes religiously closed!)

Jesus said that if we remain in Him, we can ask whatever we want and we will get it.

Boy, is that right!  God granted my wish even while I was still praying. “No problem, son, just collect at reception. We don’t do DHL”

Well over thirty years later, I am still following the trail

spilling tears from a leaky pail

to find that Holy Grail



2 thoughts on “God Ain’t Doin’ No DHL

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